Growing Your Business with UnLock and Total Tools Partnership

UnLock your Access To All Of Your Total Tools Needs!

You can now buy any Total Tools products your business needs and get up to an extra 90 days to pay.

Here at Total Tools, we understand technology and innovation and are across all the latest developments and industry trends. Your success is our success and we are here to help your business thrive!

We’re always looking for ways to put the power back into your hands, and now – more than ever – that means a better, simpler way to access money.

Our new partner UnLock has joined the Total Tools team to help us do just that. Providing you with access to have better cash flow within minutes, it’s now even easier to buy what you need, when you need it.


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Buy Now Pay Later for Business.

With UnLock you don’t need the money to hand to buy something your business needs – we pay for it so you can order the equipment you need, then you pay us back later.

How Does It Work?

Our Process

6 ways UnLock makes Invoice Financing Easy

Choose your extended payment terms

Credit terms are up to 90 days from date of invoice when you pay using UnLock.

Simplify your expenses

All your transactions on the Total Tools UnLock Mastercard® are bundled into one account.

Huge range of suppliers

Use the Total Tools UnLock Mastercard® to buy all your favourite brands at  Total Tools . It’s like having a trade account with

Payment Flexibility

Upload Total Tools invoices for payment through the UnLock customer portal, make puchases online and in -store using the Total Tools UnLock Mastercard

Simplify your Finances

Use your card for purchases between $1.99 to $19,999, within your personalised UnLock account limit.

Personalised buying limit

Pay invoices for any amount up to your available personalised UnLock account limit.
With easier access to money, clear and simple rates, and quick approvals, UnLock can provide you with the cash injection you need to help your business thrive.

 Total Tools disclaimer: Buy now pay later

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