What do you do if you’re a relatively new company with a major project on the horizon? The job could help your business grow quickly, but how will you manage the upfront costs associated with the endeavour?

That’s exactly the situation that Interior Plant Designs (IPD) encountered.

The Interior Plant Designs (IPD) Story

IPD is a business-to-business company that combines unique design with empathy and functionality to provide and manage living plantscapes.

The company was founded in 2019. Powered by the core values of teamwork, honesty, integrity, nurturing and knowledge, Interior Plant Designs is truly a visionary business with an exciting future.

What Do They Offer?

Products and services offered by IPD include the design, delivery and management of plantscapes ranging from vertical gardens to balcony instalments, lobby projects, shopping centre options and office plants. IPD also provides clients with green walls.

Benefits of Green Walls

In addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, green walls have numerous advantages. The city of Sydney has taken an active approach to promoting green roofs and walls.

According to the city’s website, green walls can have a positive impact on overall air quality as well as the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

IPD and the Penrith Civic Centre

Given these significant benefits, it’s no surprise that the Penrith Civic Centre was interested in a green wall installation for their own facility. When they reached out to Interior Plant Designs to fulfil this request, IPD was enthusiastic about the opportunity. There was one potential issue, though.

The Problem

The scale of the project was quite significant. While IPD had the experience necessary to handle the job, cash flow could have been a potential issue.

Just how big was this order? The green wall:

  • Ultimately measured about 110 square metres.
  • Consisted of about 2,600 plants.

To complete this builder-led initiative, IPD had to provide cash upfront for costs associated with the installation well before receiving payment.

Interior Plant Designs calculated that the company would be responsible for about $100,000 before being paid, which would occur 30 days after the installation.

Since IPD hadn’t yet reached its second anniversary, the company couldn’t provide 24 months of financials, which made it difficult to acquire support through traditional banks.

This business needed a quick and easy cash flow solution.

Finding an Answer With UnLock

Craig Helmers, the managing director at IPD, was introduced to the UnLock ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ solution through a broker.

How Did It Work Out?

UnLock offered a simple, quick and convenient cash flow solution that helped ease the burden on IPD.

UnLock handles invoices for buyers immediately, allowing them to free up working capital and extend their payment terms for necessary supplies. With the help of this facility, IPD paid the costs upfront using UnLock, then completed the job, received payment from the client and paid UnLock back.

IPD was impressed by the speed of the operation.

“You upload, tell them how much, and basically it gets paid within 24 hours,” said Helmers.

Penrith Civic Centre installation

What’s Next?

After completing a successful, large-scale, capital-intensive project with the support of UnLock, IPD believes that this cash flow solution will continue to be a useful tool for the business as they continue to pursue new projects

IPD and the Seamless UnLock Cash Flow Solution

The company has leveraged UnLock’s assistance for other large-scale undertakings, including an installation that required initial payments totalling between $80,000 and $90,000.

IPD Recommends UnLock for Other Growing Businesses

Helmers gave UnLock high marks for simplicity and customer support.

“They’re always able to get on the phone and have a chat with you if you have any problems or questions,” said Helmers, noting that UnLock’s support is often proactive. “They also offer solutions to some of the problems that you didn’t even know you were going to have.”

Buy Now, Pay Later With UnLock

No matter what your business is, UnLock can help you achieve expanded payment terms, providing a simple and flexible cash flow solution. 

Once you join our platform, you can select from extended payment terms up to 30, 60 or 90 days. After you’re approved, you can seamlessly upload your invoice and select a repayment window. We’ll complete the transaction on your behalf and debit your account directly on the specified date. You benefit from a convenient cash flow solution whilst your suppliers enjoy prompt payment.

Businesses may qualify to use the platform if they have an Australian business number (ABN), annual turnover of more than $500,000 and no adverse credit history.
Answer a few quick questions to apply today.