The Payment Gateway extending your supplier terms up to 90 days

  • 30, 60 or 90 days extended terms, you choose
  • One low merchant fee per month
  • Improve cashflow and focus on growing your business

Leverage UnLock to:
Buy stock now, pay later
Increase your purchasing power
Drive discounts with your suppliers
Gives you the freedom to buy more stock and grow your business
Step 1

Apply online for access to a limit to buy more

Step 2

Upload your supplier invoices

Step 3

Elect when to pay the supplier and the extended terms for you to pay: 30, 60 or 90 days

Step 4

We direct debit you on the due date of the extended term

"Connects small businesses and their suppliers and facilitates payment over time"

"Marketlend's buy now pay later platform can transform business cash flow"

What to Remember

UnLock - a new Payment Gateway.

Enables SMEs to boost their purchasing power with more working capital to grow.

An Australian Buy Now Pay Later B2B solution, suppliers can offer this payment gateway to enable buyers to pay upfront and have extended supplier terms.

Simple, quick and painless - Everybody Wins.

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