What to remember

UnLock – a new Payment Gateway.

Enables SME’s to boost their purchasing power with more working capital to grow.

An Australian Buy Now Pay Later B2B solution, suppliers can offer this payment gateway to enable buyers to pay upfront and have extended supplier terms.

Simple, quick and painless – everybody wins.

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Cashflow Success Stories

Supercat Slider

Super cat had a need to pay suppliers for stock that took 60 days to arrive in Australia. Unlock gave them the extra 90 days to get the stock and sell to the customers. As a result, Supercat could keep more inventory on the shelf and grow their business.

UnLock gives our customers a huge advantage over their competitors, because they are not forced to pay on industry trading terms, 30 to 45 days, with UnLock we can offer them up to double that.

Our customers love UnLock as it is simple to extend payment terms, accessible and within 90 days you pay for stock, typically after it is sold.

Not only that but you can dictate when to repay within the 90 days or pay the supplier.

UnLock Here

Vet Practice – How Unlock made the business profitable

Recently, our UnLock customer sought to quickly purchase stock from its supplier and he knew if he paid within 7 days he could get a discount.

Using UnLock he was able to purchase within that period but pay in 90 days using our extended payment terms product. 

The discount alone, not only paid a small premium on the UnLock facility but he also made a profit.

UnLock allows you to profit from your business and reduce costs in the process.