Buy Now Pay Later for Business. 

Whether you’re buying or selling goods of trade, UnLock is an easy and effective way to take control of your cash flow.

UnLock makes buying and selling easier for everyone: buyers get flexibility and extended payment terms, suppliers get paid on time.


When you buy using UnLock Mastercard®, we pay the supplier for you immediately, and you pay us back on extended payment terms.

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When your customers use UnLock Mastercard®, we pay your invoices on time and your customers get extended time to pay.

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The process is:

The UnLock application process is simple

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Within a minute you can be approved and have the Unlock Mastercard® in your phone to pay for business expenses subject to Terms of Service.

Extended credit for Business Expenses

For all your business expenses, you can use Unlock Mastercard® and get up to 30 days extended credit.
The UnLock application process is painless

Widely accepted online and in-store

Use the Unlock Mastercard® anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

Cash flow success stories

Vet Practice

How UnLock made this business profitable

Recently, an UnLock customer sought to quickly purchase stock from a supplier. The customer knew that if he paid within seven days, he could get a discount.

Using UnLock, he was able to execute the purchase before the deadline while completing payment within a more comfortable time frame: 90 days.

By leveraging the discount, our customer turned a profit. The message is clear: UnLock allows SMEs to reduce costs and improve their margins.

Automotive Supplies Business

Giving financial flexibility to businesses

One of our customers was looking for additional finance while waiting for a property sell. He turned to Marketlend and was able to get flexible financing while not needing to sacrifice his house to secure a loan.

After the great experience with Marketlend, this customer decided to offer his own customers the UnLock Buy Now Pay Later solution.

UnLock allows businesses to have greater financial flexibility, by creating cash flow, paying suppliers and transferring the risk to itself.

Plantscapes Design Business

Simple and quick cash flow solution for small businesses

An UnLock customer was offered a big scale project that needed him to have enough cash flow to be able to handle the job.

The business was relatively new, which made it difficult to acquire support through traditional banks.

Thanks to UnLock’s simple, quick and convenient process, our customer was able to secure enough cash flow to successfully complete this project. This customer has continued to use UnLock’s cash flow solution for other large-scale undertakings

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